Faux Fur Coat

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Don’t give up! Finding the perfect faux fur coat is possible for you. I’ve been loving this season’s trend of faux fur. I’ve been drawn to the unique designs of the fur coats, sweaters, and scarves each store is selling. I found this coat on accident, everything happens for a reason, right?

I was shopping in Frankenmuth, Michigan when I found this comfortable gem. The only way to stay warm in Michigan this time of year when exploring a city is to pop in and out of stores. I felt I was in a real life version of a Pinterest home decor board the moment I walked in the front door of the boutique this coat is from. They specialize in apparel, decor, yarn, knit, and jewelry. It was in Rapunzel’s Boutique where I had my “light bulb” moment the second I laid eyes on this furry wonder. All I had to do was shimmy my way into it to seal the deal on the fit. Being a millennial, I give myself permission to tell you that this coat is comfortable “AF”.

Sometimes finding the perfect piece comes unexpectedly. I want to hear your stories! Have you ever found an amazing wardrobe piece on accident? Where were you? When was it? Did you trip and fall on the most perfect shoes that just happened to fit you?

Below you will find links to my favorite faux fur coats that stood out to me.



Winter's Top Trend: Faux Fur Coat

Winter's Top Trend: Faux Fur Coat

Winter's Top Trend: Faux Fur Coat

Winter's Top Trend: Faux Fur Coat


My favorite Faux Fur Finds:


Forever 21: Nude Oversized Faux Fur Jacket

Zara:  Faux Fur Jacket

Anthropologie: Jewel Faux Fur Coat

Alice and Olivia: Fawn Silver Fur Jacket




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