Long Black Dress

Long Black Dress

March 3, 2016 1 Comments

I am continuously learning new things with each blog post I make. What I love most about blogging is the creative control I have over my brand, it is liberating. This isn’t your typical style post but I think flower crowns and exotic animals make the perfect props for this flowing black dress.

Every woman is advised to have a “LBD” (little black dress) in their closet. I’m going to give you another meaning to that abbreviation and say that every woman should also have a “long black dress” in their closet. Not only does a long black dress give you an elegant appearance, it also gives you comfort because of how much coverage it provides you without looking like a potato sack. At the end of this post are a few suggestions on where you can find a perfect long black dress for yourself!

Long Black Dress

Long Black Dress

Long Black Dress

Jennifer Ilene Photography

I have had the privilege of working with one of my favorite photographers, Jennifer Ilene Photography . She does a lot of work with exotic animals, her photography is amazing. Also, not only did she have the idea of making a flower crown for me, but she also made the crown herself. Thank you Jennifer for the amazing photos! Thank you Angel and Brian (Fox & Family: Exotics, Rescue, & Pet servies) for letting me play with Stinkers and Fez! Skunks are truly a joy to photograph with!

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March 26, 2016


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    Tiffany Milkhannie

    March 16, 2016

    Love it! Very visually appealing post and the LBD is def a much appreciated missing elegance in today’s society.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Tiffany Milkhannie