Wood Watches by JORD

December 27, 2016 0 Comments

To be honest, I’m not a watch girl. The first thing that popped into my mind when I stumbled upon Wood Watches by JORD was “These watches are beautiful. But yeah right, a wood watch on my wrist…OW!”. Then I received my first Wood Watch by JORD in the mail and my attitude toward watches, especially wood watches, completely changed. It’s time to fall in LOVE with JORD like I have.

Wood Watches by JORD is a brand that is clearly meant for individuals that live a modern lifestyle. When I put on my all-natural wooden watch, it goes without saying that I feel I am wearing a timeless piece that no one else owns. Each watch is uniquely made by a team of artists, designers, marketers, and minders. This is important because it shows me that the accessory I am wearing on my wrist wasn’t created by an assembly line. It shows me that there is a level of depth that is put into each watch.

Pictured below I am wearing The Frankie Series, Zebrawood & Champagne women’s watch. This watch is light weight, comfortable, and versatile as far as being able to dress it up or down. I decided to style this watch with a more casual look since I live in the country. Living in the country means as soon as you step out of the house in a new pair of designer shoes, they get ruined by dirt. So yes, in my case, “a little dirt CAN hurt!”.



women's watch
women's watch

women's watch
women's watch

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Wooden Wristwatch

December 2, 2016