5 Ways to Practice Self Love for your Mind

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I love the idea of practicing self-love. For a long time, I desired to achieve self-love as a goal. I was so hard on myself when I kept falling short of reaching this goal because loving every nook and cranny of yourself consistently can feel impossible. Does anyone else struggle with being hard on themselves?

My journey toward self-love changed the moment I stopped viewing it as a goal. Instead, self-love has become a practice in my everyday life. It’s similar to practicing a sport or an instrument. You have to practice little and often to see improvement.

Today, I want to share with you 5 ways I practice self-love for my mind!

1. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers

The smell of flowers stimulate your brain to create dopamine, the natural 'happiness' chemical, along with triggering memories. My personal favorite flower is the Rose and yes, it has everything to do with my middle name being Rose!

2. Meditate once a day

Meditation has helped me when I feel overrun by my constant thinking and worrying. Meditation allows your mind to become more aware and more present in yourself and your surroundings.

I use an app called “Headspace”. I’m going to be honest, as always, and admit it might be my favorite because the guided meditator is a British gentleman. Those in favor of British gentleman with drool worthy accents say “I”!

Get your Headspace on!

3. Read a new book

Nowadays, it is much easier to read on your phone but I encourage you to pick up a good book. Did you know reading has benefits such as helping with depression and cutting stress?

For me, I enjoy the experience of holding something tangible in my hands, giving my eyes a break from blue light, and being able to flip pages vs. scrolling.

I’m a huge fan of self-help and inspirational books so if you would like any recommendations please don’t hesitate to give me a holllla!

🌟I'm saving the best practices for last so keep on scrolling! 👇

4. Make a List of 5 affirmations you can tell yourself in the mirror everyday

Affirmations are a combination of stating something as a fact (out loud) and offering emotional support/encouragement. They can truly be anything you want them to be!

I want to share with you my affirmations from a few years ago and then I’ll proceed to share the magic of it with you...

- I am beautiful

- I am confident in my body

- I am moving out of Michigan

- I love my nose

- I am blessed

Fast forward to the year 2021 and the magic is that I feel beautiful, I am confident in my body, I did move out of Michigan (moved to Florida and now I’m in NYC), I love my nose most days, and I do feel blessed.

I share this with you as my testimony toward affirmations. If you need guidance on where to begin when creating your list, I am ALWAYS here to help!

5. Create a list of goals

A list of goals are the best! Goals give us guidance, encouragement, and direction. It also feels amazing once you’ve accomplished them.

At first, goals can feel daunting. Thoughts of “what am I supposed to write on this piece of paper?” can make you feel anxious.

The purpose of a list of goals is to write down your desired results. Go easy on yourself and take your time. What do you want to achieve? Is it a short term or long-term goal? Most importantly, have fun!

So, my friend, are you starting to feel at ease? Can you foresee the love your mind is going to experience when you try one of the above? Remember, start easy, go buy some flowers! What matters most is that you take one step at a time toward self-love. *VIRTUAL HUG!* 💚

Warmest Wishes,

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