Advice I Would Give To My Younger Self

Updated: Sep 22

I have ALOT of advice to give to my younger self. Growing up, I relied on myself ALOT to navigate through the obstacles life comes with. I am where I am today because of my resilience, my head always being in the clouds, and eagerness to keep on pushing forward to better myself. I have gone through some serious trials/errors in this life and the advice I'm going to share with you today is truly what I wish someone would have told me when I was younger. I hope it helps you on your Self-Love journey!

1. Listen to your intuition more. If something doesn't feel right, it's not right. There were so many times growing up when I would get this weird feeling in my stomach and mind. I ALWAYS questioned it and typically did the opposite of what it was telling me because I thought I was being "insecure" or "dumb". Everyone has an intuition and it truly knows what is best for YOU! Listen to it.

2. Dieting and restricting your food does not work for you.

I completely understand this topic is not a "one size fits all" but if no medical professional is telling you to diet or restrict your food for a legit reason, it is not necessary and can make you miserable. You are smart and bright enough to make your own decisions about what you put into your body.

3. Relationships are important (Friendships, family, coworkers, etc).

There are many types of relationships in life and they are important. They take time, patience, understanding, love, kindness, consistency, effort, laughter. Keep these things in mind. Also, it takes two to tango so you DO NOT have to engage in one sided in relationships nor in relationships that don't work for you. They are not worth your time.

4. Speak Up!

I know you don't think your voice/thoughts are important, but they are. You have a unique perspective on everything and anything because you are you and there is only one of you. Also, I know you don't like the idea of confrontation, but please know most healthy communicators don't experience confrontation to the point of explosion. Healthy communicators do exist. You are entitled to have your own thoughts, opinions, perspective, & voice in this world. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!

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