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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

At the time, me and my partner were looking for yummy Spanish cuisine with a wonderful ambiance because ambiance is everything to us. Little did we know we were about to stumble upon a luxury experience that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

It was 2 years ago when my taste buds were introduced to a new world that I didn’t know they needed until a flavorful 12 courses later. This experience took place at a restaurant inside the SLS Hotel in South Beach, Miami, Florida called ‘The Bazaar by Jose Andres’.

Upon entering we were greeted by the above waxy, melted candles which made me excited because I always think melted candles are so haunting and beautiful in their own way.

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Every seat was occupied in the dining room (pictured above) and the only thing I could hear were the harmonious sounds of constant chatter from guests and wait staff. It made me feel like I was crashing an intimate dinner party.

As a whole, the restaurant was unforgettable because of the INCREDIBLE detail. The dishes on the prix fixe menu were placed in a specific order to compliment each other.

You couldn’t proceed to the next course until you had finished the previous one.

The wait staff were so passionate, theatrical, and thorough in explaining each dish that I left the restaurant feeling more educated on food. They also gave specific instructions on how to consume each dish which made eating that more adventurous!

*Disclosure* The following food photos are not in exact order of the way they were originally served. I will only be sharing a portion of the menu so I don’t digitally spoil the whole experience! Also, the photos are from a combination of the South Beach location (still open) and Downtown Miami location (permanently closed).

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I would describe this first dish as a little cappuccino of savory. It is called ‘Colada Cubana’ (Coffee with Foie Gras). This was served in an espresso shot glass. We were instructed to drink it in one sip to taste all of the flavors.

Next up was the 14k Gold ‘Caviar Cone’ (Ossetra caviar, capers, eggs, onion, crème fraiche*). Talk about a bite of luxury because that’s how tiny it was! We were also instructed to eat it in one bite. For a dish so tiny it had such BIG flavor. A combination of saltiness and creaminess. YUM!

This next dish was mind boggling, ‘Ferran Andria Modern and Traditional Olive’ (liquid green olive, gordal olive stuffed with piquillo pepper and anchovy). Yes, that does say LIQUID green olive. Those little guys on the spoon were pure liquid on the inside and tasted like a regular olive that you would normally chew. It was the coolest!

In the prix fixe menu they give you a portion of the ‘Embutidos Platter’ (served with Catalan-style crystal bread toasted, tomato, ibérico ham, Ibérico loin, chorizo ). The above picture is of the bread and the ham. The ham was similar to prosciutto and the bread was rich in tomato flavor.

As you get toward the end of the prix fixe menu the dishes appear to be more “entrée” sized such as these Seared Scallops (toasted pine nuts, Pedro Ximénez*). We were advised to dip the scallops in the middle sauce which was creamy and nutty. The scallops were cooked to perfection. In case you have yet to try a scallop, they taste like a meaty, white fish without the "fishy" taste.

I'm going to finish by saving the best part of the meal for last, dessert! A Deconstructed Key Lime Pie and a Deconstructed S’more. What I loved about these desserts were the opportunity to focus on the individual flavors which were rich in their own unique way!

Bon Appétit Friends (yes, I know that's a French saying on a Spanish restaurant post)!

Warmest Wishes,

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